T-shirt 'LIKE DAD LIKE SON' Father's...

T-shirt 'LIKE DAD LIKE SON' Father's Day ORIGAMI PENGUIN penguin

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Father's Day is coming, surprise your dad with a gift from this collection. ORIGAMI T-shirt with penguin print. DISCOVER OUR ONLINE SHOP!

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This collection is dedicated to fathers, for whom a child is a mirror of themselves.

The Penguin Dad is everything we aspire to be as fathers. He loves his son, is committed to his puppy and is willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his child through thick and thin. The daddy penguin is a role model for all of us.

After the female lays her eggs, her nutritional reserves are depleted and she must return to feed at sea for two months. This means that the responsibility for keeping the egg warm through, protected from the freezing Antarctic winter, lies with the father.  The father penguin broods the eggs by balancing them on his legs and protecting them with a fold of skin called a "hatching pouch". The egg incubation lasts 2 months, during which the males do not eat and must withstand the Antarctic cold, while the females will return when the egg hatches.

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