For this capsule collection we thought of animals who, like our dear dad, are an example to be followed for their great sense of responsibility. 

You can choose the variant with PENGUIN or SEAHORSE, a single white or black t-shirt for dad or the pair of father/son t-shirts with the unique slogan "LIKE DAD LIKE SON"


After the female penguin lays her eggs, her nutritional reserves are depleted and she must return to feed at sea for two months. This means that the responsibility of keeping the egg warm, protected from the freezing Antarctic winter, lies with the father.  The father penguin hatches the eggs by balancing them on his legs and protecting them with a fold of skin called a hatch pocket. The incubation of the eggs lasts 2 months, during which the males do not eat and have to endure the Antarctic cold, while the females will return when the egg hatches.


Male seahorses, unlike most other fish, are monogamous and mate for life. But the most bizarre feature is that they are the only species on earth in which the male 'gives birth' to young. The female lays her eggs in a special incubator sac in the belly of the male, which she stores for 5-8 weeks in a pocket in her belly. When they hatch, the specimen expels the young with contractions of the abdomen similar to female birth. When the 1800 or so mini seahorses emerge, they are fully formed. 

Giving this T-shirt to the special father in your life will let him know how much you love, appreciate and care for him.

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